Savannah’s Senior Photos

I’ve had the honor of knowing Savannah for a little less than a year. She is has a bright and strong personality, and I was happy to capture some of that spark during this photos shoot.


We started our shoot at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. The weather was perfect, and the lighting was almost magical.

IMG_8058.jpgSavannah owned every single pose. Her confidence made her one of the best models I’ve ever worked with.IMG_8020.jpgIMG_8048.jpgIMG_8025.jpg

IMG_8043.jpgShe had requested some “artsy photos” before we started, and I was more than happy to capture some unique shots for her.IMG_8050.jpgIMG_7989.jpgIMG_8057.jpgIMG_7952.jpgIMG_7982.jpgIMG_8051.jpgIMG_7954.jpgAfter finishing up at the museum, we ventured into the Westport District of Kansas City to get an urban feel to some photos.

We found some awesome street art that made for bright, colorful photos.IMG_8089.jpgIMG_8101.jpgIMG_8100.jpgIMG_8098.jpgIMG_8090.jpgIMG_8087.jpgIMG_8086.jpgWe also stumbled upon a cute, little record shop. The people working there welcomed us in and allowed us to us their shop as a set.IMG_8080.jpgIMG_8073.jpgI’m very pleased with how these photos turned out and I hope you enjoyed them. IMG_8066If you are interested in booking a shoot, contact me at


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