Missouri Western’s Visual Arts Day 2014

Art Day 1

Students paint wooden houses in the “Brick House” workshop during Art Day. Missouri Western’s Visual Arts Day gave students the opportunity to try their hand in a variety of workshops.

Art Day 2

High School student, Paige Rhodes, molds three pounds of clay on her potter’s wheel. Students got the chance to participate in the “3-Throw Competition”, in which participants try to make the widest and tallest shape possible in three minutes.

Art Day 3

Students make monoprints in one of Missouri Western’s workshops. Using paper towels, q-tips and pencils, students selectively removed ink from the glass plates to create their artwork.

Art Day 4

A large crowd of students, teachers, and Missouri Western volunteers gather to see the “3-Throw Competition” between teachers. Even the local high schools’ teachers were encouraged to get involved at Western’s Visual Arts Day.

Art Day 5

David Harris, a Missouri Western instructor, gets his hands dirty in the “3-Throw Competition.” Harris has been organizing Western’s Visual Arts Day for the past three years.


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